Ragni Classic Line hawks e accessories

Floats, Hawks, Small tools and Scrapers are manufactured by Ragni.
Brick jointers, line pins and all other accessories are selected (re-designed) and controlled
by Ragni to fit the standards required by intensive professional use.

The platform, made of heavy gauge hardened and tempered Aluminum alloy, optimizes lightness, wear and resistance.

Heavily scarred surface helps holding plaster.

Rounded corners.
Ragni Classic Line hawks e accessories

The exclusive electronically welded riveting system guarantees a flat uniform working plane.

No rivet passing through the plane.

Two components Easi-grip handle for best comfort, reduces the appearance of calluses after prolonged use.

Handle Blade Sizes
Round detachable easi-grip handle Rolled aluminium alloy
300X300 mm
360X360 mm
400X400 mm
400X500 mm
Professional aluminium hawk
- Strong heavy gauge hard rolled, spun aluminium platform
- Round detachable Easi-grip handle with wide comfortable base
- Rounded corners for safety
Ornamental tool
Ragni Classic Line hawks e accessories

Pattern Blade Sizes
Trowel - Square
Leaf - Square
Solid forged one piece steel bar 4" 5" 6" 7"
8" 9" 10"
Professional instruments of superior quality, suitable for sculptors and plasterers.
- One piece drop forged, individually handcrafted and tempered.
- 2 pattern available: 1/2" square with leaf spatula end or with small trowel end.
Ragni Classic Line hawks e accessories

One piece rolled U shape - 1/2" e 5/8"
One piece rolled Heavy-duty, highly polished superior Brick Jointer.
- Two dedicated rounded profile, one at each side (sizes permanently stamped into the tool)
- correctly radius ended for professional finish
- manufactured from top quality steel
Cement edging trowel
Ragni Classic Line hawks e accessories

Handle Stem Blade type Blade sizes

Classic plastic
Natural wood
240 mm Carbon Steel
Stainess steel
Curved blade
280X120 mm
Edging trowel: one long precisely curved side to round-off corners, stairs-step and sideways
ABS/PVC trowels
Ragni Classic Line hawks e accessories

Handle Blade Sizes
ABS Superlite PVC
280X130X3 mm
ABS/PVC special trowel for acidiferous plaster coatings
- Ideal for smooth-finishing acidiferous plaster coatings
- Resistant PVC white blade, banana shaped plastic.
Wood planer - Pialletto
Ragni Classic Line hawks e accessories

Handle Blade
Natural wood 380 mm 11 rectified heavy gauge cutting hedges
Wood planer with 11 tempered steel blades suitable for scraping excess plaster from walls or boards. Particularly popular in Italy named Pialletto.
Two hands float - Mason's trowel
Ragni Classic Line hawks e accessories

Handle Blade Outline
Natural wood 380 mm Carbon steel 140X500 mm

Stainless Steel 140X500 mm

Plain blade

6X4 mm
8X8 mm
10X10 mm
12X12 mm
The two hands float with wooden handle is the ideal choice for finishing ceilings and large surfaces, preparing for large tiles or granite.
- Available in carbon and stainless steel, various blade thickness
- Available with 2 or 4 toothed sides (for tiling)
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